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Sit updated 21st Oct

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*Please note all pictures are of Susan’s own work, no models or bought photographs are used in this gallery.



Upper or Lower 150 | Time: 1 hr

Upper & Lower 250 | Time: 1 hr 30 min

This Style is the most ultra natural Looking liner and is suitable for those wanting to have the illusion of thicker looking lashes especially popular with Alopcia conditions.

Micro dots are applied to the lower lid, whilst a fine line of dots are applied to the upper Lid.

Lash Enhancements Baby Liner


Upper or Lower 200 |  Time: 1 hr 15

Upper & Lower 250 | Time: 1hr 30

A thin line applied in-between & across the natural lash line on upper

Lower a line across the natural lash line.

Medium Liner


Upper or Lower 250 | Time 1hr 30

Upper and Lower 350 | Time 2hrs

Delivering a liner which is thin at the begining of the eye then gradually becoming thicker to the outer edge of the eye giving a flattering almond shape. Susan’s favourite.

Thick Liner


Upper or Lower 400 | Time 2 hr

Upper and Lower 450 | Time 2 hr 30 min

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